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Livestock waste composting system (screw type fermentation mixer) JS-2000
  • 01
    Maximizing aerobic fermentation by spraying powerful air through the screw shaft(Prevent compost being pressed).
  • 02
    With depths of 3~4m or more, it can agitate larger amount the manure for livestock.
  • 03
    An excellent treatment for the hard and foreign materials mixed wastes such as solidified cow manure, mixed cow manure in the straw litter(grass), etc.
  • 04
    A long-term treatment by vertical agitation.
  • 05
    A long life span with minimal maintenance.
Principles and Features
Adjusting Screw angles
  • Adjusting the amount of transferring the compost through adjusting screw angle by hydraulic cylinder which located above.
  • Special plating and painting for main parts
  • Special coating for screw wings
Auto control panel
  • Unmanned and automatic system by PLC progeam.
  • Applicable to external control controller and central control(HDMI)device
  • Object item for ICT business
Why other systems may not work as well:
other systems

Fermentation temperature may drop during winter season

Frequent clogging of oxygen inlet and waste outlets

Smaller processing volume due to shorter walls

Occurrence of solidified lower section of compost

Lower oxygen input due to device design

Frequent device breakdown due to complicated fermentation system

Unique fermentation agitator facility
Maximizing aerobic fermentation with installation of floor blower system.
Powerful air sprayed from the floor blower system, supplying air stably to the entire fermentation plant
Water content percentage stably controlled by installing leachate draining line.
Leachate draining line removes the foul smelling leachate from the fermentation plant, enabling efficient management of the water content percentage of the plant.
Screw type agitator and air supply prevents the manure from being squashed.
JS-2000 uses screw type stirring and air sprayed from the screws to prevent the manure from being squashed, and promote aerobic fermentation.
Model and Specification
1 Type
Model JS-2000 T1
Size of Fermentation Plant(L x H x W) 50m×3m×10m
Power Consumption 35kw / 25.5kw(4set)
Daily Throughput 10ton~15Ton
2 Type
Model JS-2000 T2
Size of Fermentation Plant(L x H x W) 50m×3m×10m
Power Consumption 73kw / 25.5kw(4set)
Daily Throughput 15ton~30Ton

- Floor Blower Line – 1 every 10m, 6,375kw (Minimum 4 set, 25.5kw)
- The throughput may differ according to the material processed

Screw type agitator system that is
2~3 times more efficient than other systems with the most optimal agitating, aerating, and transferring capabilities.
Highest throughput level in comparison to other systems
  • Rotary system (6m*1.2m*100m) : 720㎥
  • Escalator system (8m*1.5m*75m) : 900㎥
  • JS2000 (10m*3.0m*60m) : 1800㎥
Extended processing periods and efficient fermentation with deep agitating that reaches up to 3~4m (vertical agitating is possible)
Composting system
Agitating Fermentation Facility
Floor blower line
Air supplying blower
Insert moisture adjusting agent
Insert manure
Fermented Manure